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Friday, April 8, 2011


So I showed up to the Yearbook meeting yesterday with my friend. (Her Blog)
It turns out that they're doing very poorly. We have to sell 300 in three weeks in order to break even on printing costs.
And come to the weekly Thursday lunch-time meetings.
They need Photoshoppers and people to put together pages. Mr. B is totally swamped this year and won't be able to help out a whole lot, so we're looking for another teacher to help.

In other news... I'm going to April Wine on Sunday, and getting my braces off on Monday. I'm all excited, it will be great, fantastic, and wonderful. On Saturday I'm going to my friend's house with other friends to play DnD. And today, I have basketball. And my dad is coming home from his week-long excursion over on the Island.

Life is good.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Well Then.

So I was sitting next to my friend Alex (go check him out at his blog), and I said, "pshh blogger," as he was signing in. It was a joke of course because I also am fond of it. Then he said, "pshh livejournal," which is where I usually update. It got me thinking that I had not, indeed, been on my blogspot in a very long time.

So this is just a quick update post. I have some classes that I'm enjoying very much this semester as well as a spare block. I'm in my spare block at this moment and am blogging to kill time. I have an ancient history course called Comparative Civilizations that I also share with Alex and several other friends. Rowan (find here here) is in it also, as well as Kyran and my buddy Will.

Regarding my last post from nearly a year ago (oops), I not only continued wheelchair basketball but I continued for another season. I even have my own jersey and it has my favourite number (9!) on it. Yay. Ummm okay, I have nothing else of importance with which to update so this is it.