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Monday, February 21, 2011

Well Then.

So I was sitting next to my friend Alex (go check him out at his blog), and I said, "pshh blogger," as he was signing in. It was a joke of course because I also am fond of it. Then he said, "pshh livejournal," which is where I usually update. It got me thinking that I had not, indeed, been on my blogspot in a very long time.

So this is just a quick update post. I have some classes that I'm enjoying very much this semester as well as a spare block. I'm in my spare block at this moment and am blogging to kill time. I have an ancient history course called Comparative Civilizations that I also share with Alex and several other friends. Rowan (find here here) is in it also, as well as Kyran and my buddy Will.

Regarding my last post from nearly a year ago (oops), I not only continued wheelchair basketball but I continued for another season. I even have my own jersey and it has my favourite number (9!) on it. Yay. Ummm okay, I have nothing else of importance with which to update so this is it.